bagsThe other night I literally woke myself up from a dream, grabbed my newly purchased notebook from the sale section at Urban Outfitters and began to scribble down my thoughts.

This is what I wrote:

What really is a Profile Page? We are given a template. We chose what we want to “share” with the world. Our Hobbies. Our Interests. Our Favorite Movies. But… who are we really trying to impress? Do you think you are really getting the chance to “know” someone based on their favorite book?

What if there was a section called “Baggage”. I mean, seriously, we all have it so why don’t we admit it to ourselves and to others? Are we scared that people would not want to “be our friend” on Facebook if we actually chose to be honest with ourselves and others? What if we listed a struggle with alcohol or food addiction? A horrible ex relationship? Money or health issues? Don’t you think our baggage plays as big a part of who we are today and how we got to this point in our lives as our love for music?

Personally, I think so.

And yes, I am grateful for mine!!! How else would I have learned so much! The best part is when you meet a person that shares that the same baggage: POOF, instant connection! Kind of like me and my MS. It blows my mind how many people I have met that are such important friends in my world due to the fact that I have an auto immune disease. Call it a twist of fate.. but I believe it is more than that. It’s the baggage that brings us together!

It simply comes back to how you chose to define friendship. I like to think a real friend knows everything about you and loves you just the same! So… if this is the case,  how many of you have really taken the time to KNOW people? To listen? To learn– and still love?

Ya know, if I were to meet a person and they claimed that they were able to look me in the eyes and say that they did not have any baggage… well, that would make me more worried than if they did!!!

Our baggage is like a building block… one colorful piece at a time. It means we have LIVED. We have traveled the many roads that our journey has put across our path.

Bring on the cargo of life 🙂