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Are you ready to shift from…

Disconnection to Connection
Self Sabotage to Self Worth
Self Doubt to Self Confident
Confusion to Clarity
Lonely to Loved


As a Transformation Coach and Connection Catalyst
I meet you where you are and empower you to get to where you want to be.
My personalized one on one accountability and support ensure you are never alone in your journey!

We all need a support system, someone who cares, someone to… listen without judgement and invite a new perspective.  

Discover Your Strengths
Break through Comfort Zones
Learn How to Hear & Trust Your Intuition
Build Your Self Confidence
Create Authentic Connections

Topics To Discuss:

Fear of Uncertainty
Health Concerns
Romantic & Friendship Relationships
Starting Over in Life
Breaking Habits/Patterns

Consider me your Mirror, Cheerleader and On-Call Friend!
My coaching model reconnects you with your greatness and reminds you of your value.
Our energy exchange creates space to catapult you into a new chapter of possibilities beyond your day dreams.  

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Grateful Client Testimonials

 Carlyn has an amazing ability to tap into where people are in their journey, and help them to understand and illuminate their path. She helped me through the darkest journey in my life, and I’ve come out the other side a completely different person. I’m so much happier and optimistic for my future than I thought was possible a year ago. I don’t recognize the woman I was when I first met Carlyn. I’d tell anyone in a transition who is looking for guidance, to meet Carlyn and let her help you. She is pure magic! You will move through your journey with grace and dignity.


Denver, CO

 I highly recommend Carlyn Shaw.  She is an amazing life coach, teacher and mentor.

 I have a successful career and have wonderful kids.  However, I was struggling to navigate through a series of hardships over the last few years including a divorce, a job change, a recent breakup, and the daily challenges of being a single father.  Like most professional men, I am not used to opening up to talk about these problems. Despite having friends and family I did not have someone I could confide in that would give me honest feedback and guidance.  I struggled to recover and felt isolated even though I had people around me.

Luckily, I was introduced to Carlyn and she was able to help me get back on track.  Carlyn was instrumental in helping me refocus my challenges into opportunities.  She taught me to quit dwelling on the past and instead focus on how to make my future even better.  I am now in a very happy, healthy, long term relationship with my perfect match.  I also have a great network of people around me due to Carlyn’s advice and philosophy of turning “strangers to friends”. 

Life can be hard but it can also be amazing.  Sometimes, you just need someone to point you in the right direction.  Carlyn is a natural leader, connector, and listener.  I highly recommend her services if you’re needing help getting back on track.

Brian J.

Boulder, CO

 Carlyn provided an ear and a lifetime of experience in positivity that became a safe and supportive space for me to unload, cry, dream and heal. She suggested a book that is now a large part of my daily habits and transformation. I’ve grateful I had her to lean on when my life felt upside down and plan to continue to use her as a tool in my overall wellness kit. 

Jody C.

Wilmington, NC

Working with Carlyn was wonderful investment!
Many people think a Life Transformation Coach helps you achieve your goals, which of course is one element. But when I look back, at that time, I didn’t have any goal… besides loving myself.
But, as a result of loving myself, I did things I never would have dreamed! I revived my local college alumni group, I climbed Kilimanjaro and raise money for ALS and… I bought a house for me and my daughter! ALL of this, a result of our time working together.
Here I am, a year after working with Carlyn for 10 consecutive weeks. I set and achieved my three biggest goals for 2018.
Carlyn gave me permission to have a dream big kind of mindset! I began seeing possibilities, not hurdles. Once you’re able to stay in that mindset long enough, that’s when the magic happens. I absolutely recommend working with Carlyn!
Jennifer S.

Louisville, CO

 Carlyn’s authenticity demands authenticity in return. Thank you for listening and for helping me feel safe to share. Thank you for your great advice to help me focus on how I can make things better. She said, “first we have to identify the internal story before we can shift it”. I’ve know all along that my story, the meaning I give it and the lessons learned from it can make me or break me. Thank you for being a living reminder we have a choice.  

Jeff H.

Charlotte, NC

Carlyn is a free spirit, a seeker, and a lover of all people. She has a lust for life experiences that lead to new friendships, new perspectives, and sometimes losing teeth, but she still keeps smiling. When I need a boost of inspiration, Carlyn is my go-to!

Jennifer H.

Raleigh, NC

Carlyn helped me to harness a new way of thinking, a different perspective and outlook that was easily achieved with just the small shift of word usage that I didn’t even realize had become my inner dialogue. She offered a reliability and understanding that was always judgment free and nurturing, without pushing me, and led me to finding my best self. I really wish more people would realize working with Carlyn is investing in themselves.

Amanda R.

Denver, CO

Everything Carlyn does, she does with passion. She doesn’t cut corners. She helps people change their lives.

Amy M.

San Diego, CA

Carlyn always shows up with a smile on her face which brightens my day. Her attitude is an inspiration. She finds the silver lining in any cloud and can help you do the same. 

Rachel K.

Denver, CO

Carlyn is a bundle of infection energy and a breath of fresh air, all at the same time. She has been a catalyst and helped me find my inner voice in one of the most challenging times in my life. I am grateful for her guidance. 

Kathi M.

Evergreen, CO

Curiosity as a meaning of growth

Going through a lot of change over the past several months, I decided to reach out to Carlyn for support, guidance and advice.   

We covered a lot of topics!  She delivered knowledge and wisdom in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.  She was vibrant, whimsical and very imaginative.   Not only was the connection both fun and stimulating, but the direct feedback for improving upon myself was invaluable.  She empowered, coached and provided me with the confidence that I needed.  She truly inspired me to be a better person and to think beyond the ordinary everyday conventional way of thinking. 

Annelise A

Highlands Ranch, CO