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Life Coach, Smile Starter, Synchronicity Stimulator & Founder of Strangers To Friends

In A World More Connected, Yet Disconnected, Our Smiles Connect Us All.

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The Strangers To Friends Journey...

How Strangers To Friends Started

In the Market Crash of 2009, I was let go from my job as a Nurse Recruiter and forced to start over.

Jobless, I was now without a Business Card..and this was before the invention of the iPhone

This is where my idea of a”Connection Card” was born.

But, what “job title” would I have on a personal connection card?
uestioning what to call myself, I heard an inner whisper…”You Turn Strangers Into Friends”.

It was impossible to ignore the message (or the excitement) from the confirmation.
I was a volunteer, networker, team player, girl who smiled at everyone on the street and I’d never met a stranger.

It felt…aligned. It felt…empowering. It felt… like me.

And just like that, I gave myself a new title.. and a new purpose: I turn strangers into friends.

In addition to my new “title”, I added the website to donate to my 50 Mile Walk for Multiple Sclerosis.
Maybe someone I’d meet would feel inspired to support my mission. 

Little did I know one sentence — and one web link — would change my life.
The more I showed up without an intention on why I we were meeting (with confidence and curiosity)
the more small word stories and synchronicity I experienced.

Meeting strangers, authentically, without judgement, invited the people to feel safe to show up authentically with me, too!
 The more cards I exchanged, the more smiles I swapped, the more my self confidence grew.
So did my circle of influence, opportunities and experiences.
People I “needed” in life began to appear!
The best part, I was showing up on time for the people who needed to know me for my stories, too.
These connections were not accident.
And each person I met, always had a purpose. It was if the Universe looked down and said, “She’s ready to play, let’s send the right people her way!”
Now it’s time for YOU to play and trust the right people will come your way.
When you show up authentically for you, you invite others to do so, too.

Join The Movement & Create YOUR Strangers To Friends Experiences

“A lot of us watched Friends all those years and thought, “Man, I wish I had people like that to hang out with”?
Well, Carlyn’s “Strangers to Friends” makes that experience accessible, to any and everyone. Simply put, Carlyn has a gift for making people feel like they’re known and accepted – even celebrated – in an instant. And not just with her, but with each other; which is a rare and beautiful thing. Attending a STF gathering is like coming to a get-together in her cozy living room, or that favorite coffee shop; and feeling right at home.
I found Carlyn inspiring and enlivening from the first few moments of meeting her, and I’m certain my experience was far from rare. She is refreshingly open, genuine, and raw in a way that makes you more at ease instead of uneasy. I’ve deeply enjoyed the evenings I’ve spent with her and the Friends I’ve had the pleasure to meet; and I hope you have that opportunity to as well in the future.”

About Strangers To Friends

The Strangers To Friends inspires real action and real connection.  Embrace uncertainty and the possibilities of people. The person you least expect is often the next person you are meant to meet.

About Carlyn Shaw

 Having overcome extreme obstacles, Carlyn knows what it means to be in- between stories and in a transition in life. Armed with curiosity and self-confidence, Carlyn navigates life trusting the Universe, being open to new people and endless possibilities. Carlyn’s journey and wisdom inspires you to connect with yourself, the world around you and live your most authentic life!

STF Events

Smile & Story Swap!
Unplug from your screen to be seen and plug into the people around you! Strangers To Friends is your opportunity to create new possibilities through meant to meet people. Feel super human in your superpower smile shirt and meet other super humans, too.