Sometimes it’s funny, the way life guides us. Days like today I have to laugh at the synchronicity of all the little moments that created my day. One in particular makes  me giggle so much that I feel inspired to write about it and share with all of you.

The background: 2 weeks ago I ran my first marathon, in Portland (which is an entire story all in itself!). Having returned to Denver from this incredible feat, the last thing I’ve been excited to do was be active on my feet! I put so much energy into not only running, but staying motivated- and disciplined. It took a lot to make 26.2 miles happen! This being said, I felt I needed/deserved a little TLC after pushing myself to the limit. Being lazy seemed like a good solution. However my body is tight and really needs a good stretch. This is why I decided to take a yoga class today.

Today:  I didn’t wake up with the idea of going to a class; nor had I actually found a class I wanted to take. Then, my lunch plans were cancelled. All of a sudden I had more time to create my day! I went online to check out Core Power Yoga schedules to see which studio was offering a discounted drop-in class.  I found one for a studio I’d previously decided I would never go to due to its location. But, never say never- the Hot Power Fusion class was calling my name. With a 2 PM start time, I dressed in my “time to sweat” gear, gathered my To-Do list to tackle some much needed errands and set out with an intention for my day.

As I rolled out my mat in front of the mirror, I began to stretch, eager for the next 60 minutes my body and mind so badly craved. I noticed the class was not as warm as other studios, nor did the other students appear dressed to sweat, but I didn’t think much of it. That is… until Melora, the instructor, introduced herself, indicating it was the last time she’d be teaching this particular hour as our “Guide of Corepower 1, a Beginners Class.” What??? Beginners??? You mean I carved out time in my day and spent money on a class that was not the class I thought it would be??? Feeling shocked, I spoke up to make sure I’d heard her correctly. And… to my dismay, I had. I was immediately disappointed with myself for misreading the online schedule. Disappointed I wouldn’t sweat. Disappointed I’d spent $10. But at the same time, knew my only option was to be exactly where I was and not fight it. As Melora continued, she asked us all to let go of any expectations. Any struggles out of our control. Any tension in our body. This seemed more difficult now that my expectations had already not been met. Reluctantly but at the same time, willingly, I took a deep breath and surrendered myself to the next 60 minutes of poses for beginners.

What Happened Next:  I let go of my expectations and sure enough, Melora was right! The class turned out to be exactly what my body needed. It was perfect.  MeLora guided us through a beautiful series of poses that not only humbly brought me back to my basics but actually helped me focus on my posture and form. The series she presented forced me to stretch my muscles in way that felt foreign compared to running and allowed me to notice not only my strengths but also areas I could improve. I was literally caught of guard by the challenges I felt and the sweat that formed on my forehead, not from the heat of the room, but rather the heat building inside my body. It was then I caught myself in the mirror, my eyes smiling and my inner voice giggling at the irony of all of this. I was in fact where I was supposed to be! Even though I thought I was driving myself to the “right” class but actually drove myself to the “wrong” class– I had unknowingly been guided to meet Melora, my Guide, and have a perfect class!

How many of you have set out with one intention only to be lead to another– and have someone to thank for creating a little happiness in your day?

In yoga, we are supposed to clear of mind. However, this can be  much easier said than done! I immediately began to think back on all the “Guides” of my day. All the decisions that brought me to this very moment. The realization that even though I intentionally made a decision to take myself somewhere, ultimately, my path in life was guiding me somewhere else. To me- this is magical! I love recognizing the purpose in people like Melora, who create a ripple effect of awareness that returns back to us all, as a gift. I like to think that life is not about what happens to us… but about how we choose to respond to every situation that crosses our path. I could have been upset that lunch had been cancelled. I could have put off my errands… again. I could have walked out of the yoga class and asked for my money back. But instead, I took it all as if it was meant to be served to me and in the end, was guided to exactly where I was supposed to be. 🙂

I want to thank Melora for being a wonderful teacher both on and off the mat. (I got her email address knowing I was going to write this so I could send it to her)

I hope that wherever you are right now while you are reading this, YOU truly believe you are where you are supposed to be, too.