1. Greet everyone with a SMILE 🙂
2. If you have a question; ASK someone! You never know where the conversation will lead.
3. When MEETING someone, repeat their name; it makes a great first impression.
4. Practice makes Perfect! The more you introduce yourself, the more COMFORTABLE you’ll feel!

5. Build TRUST— it’s the Foundation of Friendship.
6. YOU have a gift to offer. Believe in yourself.
7. Become a good LISTENER. You will learn so much about your “Stranger”
8. Common Interests = CONNECTION. Surround yourself with Strangers that SHARE the same Passion.
9. Remember, EVERY person you know was at one point a Stranger. Strangers aren’t Scary.

And Most Importantly….

10 HAVE FUN. Meeting new people opens you up to new worlds.