Compliments = Connections

How often do you find yourself waiting in line for coffee? On average, a person spends 45-62 minutes waiting in line every day! AND, if there is a line, you obviously are not alone. 🙂

One of my favorite ways to “practice” meeting people is to offer a compliment to someone standing next to me in line. To start, compliments are courtesy and being courteous means you are being nice. I can’t think of anyone that does not appreciate the kindness of a stranger and what better way to make someone’s day then to praise them personally! You can also use the compliment as a conversation starter. For example, rather than say ‘I love your necklace” – ask “I love your necklace. Where did you find it?” The simple act of stating a question without a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer opens the door to dialogue.

In the beginning, giving compliments can feel awkward. Try not worry about whether you will offend the person, instead, focus on your confidence that you are contributing to their day. If someone argues with your compliment then they are usually having their own issues, that have nothing at all to do with you. However, if they chose to reject your attempt to boost their day, at least you’ve added a little boost to your own! A believe a compliment is a gift. If someone chooses not to accept your gift, at least you still end up with a good feeling knowing you offered it to them in the first place. I live my life knowing that it takes givers to be receivers and receivers to be givers. Therefor, the more compliments you give away, the more goodness you will feel and your own self-esteem will grow.

So the next time you are waiting for a Vanilla Latte, take the time to tell your Line Partner-in-Crime something nice. Compliments are like a cup of coffee, a great way to start your day 🙂

This Blog was originally written for NextforWomen – Please visit the site and their Facebook Page – Whitney, the creator, is one of my favorite Stranger To Friends.