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Our Stories Connect Us All.

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Our Stories Connect Us All.

We Live In a World More Connected, Yet More Disconnected…

Yet… so many people struggle to create authentic connection. 
It’s time to get back to basics.



In 2010, Carlyn Shaw found herself navigating through tough changes in life: a Corporate layoff, months after moving into her own apartment, while managing her Multiple Sclerosis, following the end a relationship. 

Networking for a new job, she needed a way to exchange contact information.
But… who was she leading with? What would she label herself?
“Was it a former job title, her various volunteer roles, her hobbies?

That’s when she came up with an idea:
combine her passion for people, connection and stories and and create a “Connection Card”
leading with the title: “Turning Strangers Into Friends”

It wasn’t long before Carlyn learned: The more stories she shared, the more permission she gave others to share their stories with her, too.

THIS space of REAL CONNECTION was the beginning of a journey she’s share with a countless Men & Women all over the world!
Each person’s story shows up right on time. Just as she shows up for them. 

Carlyn’s continues to follow her intuition, initiating introductions and conversation, facilitating authentic connection wherever she goes.

No Judgement. No Expectations.   

Create Authentic Connections!

Strangers To Friends is safe space for you to feel seen and heard!
We’re good people who want to connect with other good people. 

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Watch This 5 Minute Video To Learn More About Carlyn & the "Why" Behind Strangers To Friends


About Strangers To Friends

The Strangers To Friends Movement & Community inspires real action and real connection.  Embrace uncertainty and the possibilities of people. The person you least expect is often the next person you are meant to meet.

About Carlyn Shaw

In 2010, Carlyn’s went to Kinko’s and designed a ‘Connection Card’, giving herself the Job Title, “Turning Strangers Into Friends.” What began as a fun way to swap contact information, became an opportunity for Carlyn to share her stories, one stranger at a time. From living with Multiple Sclerosis to the death of best friends, to moving to a new city (4 times!), the more vulnerablity, the more synchronicity. With courage and confidence, Carlyn co creates her reality being open to new people and endless possibilities. Challenged by curiousity and armed with a positive attitued, Carlyn’s a purveyor of personal strength.  Her super powers include: inspiring people to live their best lives and be their best selves.  

STF Events

Step away from your screen, come out and be seen! Strangers To Friends stimulates synchronicity through story sharing while promising: no one leaves lonely!  Unplug from technology and plug into the people around you! The Strangers To Friends Experience is your opportunity to create new possibilities with genuine. people. Feel super human with other super humans.