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Our Stories Connect Us All.

Build Confidence. Create Connections.

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In A World More Connected Yet Disconnect, Our Stories Connect Us All

Authentic Connection Begins With You. 

The Backstory: Carlyn found herself navigating through tough changes in life: a Corporate layoff, months after moving into her own apartment, while managing her Multiple Sclerosis, following the end a relationship. 

Self navigating through self transformation, Carlyn struggled to define herself.
She was “in-between stories”

Redefining life on her own terms, Carlyn faced tough, deep questions:
Who Am I?
What Do I Want In Life?
Where Can I Meet People?
How Do I Exchange Contact Information? 

Then One Day, It All Came Together.  
Combining her passion for people, connection and stories, Carlyn created a “Connection Card”
She gave herself the title: “Turning Strangers Into Friends”

Quickly Carlyn learned the power of her face to face exchanges:
It seemed the more she invited conversation and shared her stories, the more meaningful connections she made and the more people shared their stories, too.

Carlyn’s intuitive and couragous journey continues to invite and inspire
synchronicity and authentic connection, everywhere she goes.

No Judgement. No Expections.
100% Organic and Authentic!

Create Authentic Connections!

Strangers To Friends invites you into a safe space to feel seen and heard.
You meet good people who want to connect with other good people.

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About Strangers To Friends

The Strangers To Friends inspires real action and real connection.  Embrace uncertainty and the possibilities of people. The person you least expect is often the next person you are meant to meet.

About Carlyn Shaw

What began as a fun way to exchange contact information in the form of a “connection card”, became Carlyn’s invitation to share her stories, one stranger at a time. Having overcome extreme obstacles in life, Carlyn understand what it means to be in transition. Armed with curiousity and self-confidence, Carlyn navigates life being open to new people and endless possibilities. Carlyn’s journey and wisdom inspires you to create connection and live your most authentic life!

STF Events

Step away from your screen, come out and be seen! Unplug from technology and plug into the people around you! Strangers To Friends is your opportunity to create new possibilities through meant to meet people. Feel super human with other super humans.