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Our Stories Connect Us All.

Live Authentically. Create Connections.

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In A World More Connected Yet Disconnect, Our Stories Connect Us All

Authentic Connection Begins With You.

Show Up. Smile. Share Your Story. 

Everyone Has A Story.

How You Choose To Use Your Story Creates Disconnection… or CONNECTION!

Story Examples:

Relationship Change
Health Change
Career Change
Location Change

CHANGE can feel overwhelming
But….CHANGE is a catalyst!

Hi, I’m Carlyn Shaw. And CHANGE is my story. 

Self-navigating through self-transformation, I struggled to define myself.

With one foot in the past and one reaching for a future,
I was  “in-between stories”.

An MS Diagnosis. The Death of Best Friends.
A Job Loss. A Relationship Ending. Moving To New Cities.

The more authentically I shared,
the more authentic connections I created. .

Small World Stories Are Not Coincidence,
Small World Stories Are Synchronicity


Create Authentic Connections!

Strangers To Friends invites you use your story to serve you versus set you back!
Vulnerability = Synchronicity = Possibility

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About Strangers To Friends

The Strangers To Friends inspires real action and real connection.  Embrace uncertainty and the possibilities of people. The person you least expect is often the next person you are meant to meet.

About Carlyn Shaw

What began as a fun way to exchange contact information in the form of a “connection card”, became Carlyn’s invitation to share her stories, one stranger at a time. Having overcome extreme obstacles in life, Carlyn understand what it means to be in transition. Armed with curiousity and self-confidence, Carlyn navigates life being open to new people and endless possibilities. Carlyn’s journey and wisdom inspires you to create connection and live your most authentic life!

STF Events

Step away from your screen, come out and be seen! Unplug from technology and plug into the people around you! Strangers To Friends is your opportunity to create new possibilities through meant to meet people. Feel super human with other super humans.