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Imagine showing up to meet a bunch of strangers, knowing you share a common denominator: you want more authentic, face to face connection! Rather than network, we connect. We make it cool to say "I WANT MORE FRIENDS". As adults making meaningful connections can feel like work. Strangers To Friends invites you meet real people who also want to meet real people. Your job: show up as you. Our job: make sure you feel safe, seen and heard. No one leaves lonely.

Hi. I'm Carlyn Shaw. I have a lot of stories. From health and careers, to travel and relationships. Over the years I've learned: when I share mine, I give you permission to share yours, too. Whether you're new to town or newly single or simply want to step into the magic of meeting like minded people, life provides opportunities to want more people in your world. Why go through transition and change alone when you can connect with people who share your story? If you're curious to feel supported and safe and not feel judged or pressured, I invite you to step away from the screen and step out to be seen. People = Possibilities --- and it begins with you being you.

We live in a world more connected yet more disconnected than ever. Connection outside yourself starts with more connection within yourself. When you begin owning and sharing your story to serve you, you lead with confidence, build trust and create an opportunity for the right people to connect with you, right on time.

Strangers To Friends offers facilitated face to face experiences for you to meet new people, who also want to meet new people.  Our Non-Networking approach challenges you to lead with you!
No filters, expectations or judgement allowed.

Understanding vs Empathizing.
Compassion vs Comparison.

Be open to new people, perspectives and possibilities.

You Deserve it! You Are Enough. 

About Strangers to Friends

Strangers To Friends is a community that aims to inspire you to embrace the possibility that the person you least expect might be the next person you are meant to meet.

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About Carlyn Shaw

What began as Carlyn’s personal Connection Card in 2010, launched her into leading life turning strangers into friends. Each serendipitous stranger reminds her our stories connect us all. With courage and confidence, Carlyn co creates her reality through by being open to people and possibilities. An empowerment expert and a purveyor of personal strength, she supports an individuals journey while inspiring people to become the best version of themselves.

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STF Events

Craving real conversations with real people? Unplug from your phone and plug into the people around you! Strangers To Friends events provides face to face opportunities to create new possibilities with genuine. people. Hugs & Name Tags required! Meet Carlyn & Join the Fun….

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I’d love to connect and become friends! Attend one of the Strangers To Friends events to meet or contact me directly to start a conversation!

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