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People = Possibilities

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Our Stories Connect Us All

Crave Real Connection?

The Strangers To Friends Movement is birthed from Carlyn’s knowing: We Are All

— Connected.Step Away From The Screen, Step Out and Be Seen–

What began in 2010 with the creating of a “Connection Card” paved an incredible path of endless People and Possibilities! Discovering the keys to simulating synchronicity through vulnerability, Carlyn launched an In Person Community and Coaching Business, inviting people, all ages, races, nationalities – ANYONE- ready to take action to build confidence and connection!  The Strangers To Friends Experience is a safe and social way to step out of your comfort zone, share your story and learn and lean on others and their stories. 

Connection – Outside –  Begins With Connection – Inside- Your Story, Their Stories. 


Surviving vs Thriving.
Learning Life, Hands On. 

Trauma, trials and tribulations, everyone experiences unexpected change throughout life.

Choice: change doesn’t need to be hard and heavy. Change is exciting and inviting! 

 Stories not only connect us, they heal us. learned when she shares her stories, she invites you to share your’s too.

Discover common denominators while stumbling into a “small world” story. The more you share, the deeper the connection.  From “small world” stories to recognizing no one is alone, Strangers To Friends connects people who “get each other”. 

We understand.
We swap ideas.
We have fun.

Are  you new to town?
Newly single?
Ready to shift your social scene?

Strangers To Friends invites you to step out of your comfort zone and into the magic of meeting people.

Curious what Strangers To Friends is all about? Great. It starts with you…saying yes to you… and showing up, as you.


People = Possibilities.

We live in a world more connected, yet more disconnected… than ever.

Strangers To Friends offers facilitated face to face experiences promising you can practice meeting new people! Our Non-Networking approach is simple, fun and promises possibilities.

No filters, expectations or judgement allowed.

It’s time to take action. Say yes to connect!

You Deserve it! You Are Enough. 


About Strangers To Friends

The Strangers To Friends Movement & Community inspires real action and real connection.  Embrace uncertainty and the possibilities of people. The person you least expect is often the next person you are meant to meet.

About Carlyn Shaw

In 2010, Carlyn’s went to Kinko’s and designed a ‘Connection Card’, giving herself the Job Title, “Turning Strangers Into Friends.” What began as a fun way to swap contact information, became an opportunity for Carlyn to share her stories, one stranger at a time. From living with Multiple Sclerosis to the death of best friends, to moving to a new city (4 times!), the more vulnerablity, the more synchronicity. With courage and confidence, Carlyn co creates her reality being open to new people and endless possibilities. Challenged by curiousity and armed with a positive attitued, Carlyn’s a purveyor of personal strength.  Her super powers include: inspiring people to live their best lives and be their best selves.  

STF Events

Step away from your screen, come out and be seen! Strangers To Friends stimulates synchronicity through story sharing while promising: no one leaves lonely!  Unplug your screen and plug into the people around you! The Strangers To Friends Experience is your opportunity to create new possibilities with genuine. people. Feel super human with other super humans.