When I checked my voice mail to discover a message today from Gene, the President of Travel Nurse across America, asking me to call him when it was convenient for me… I actually panicked for a bit! I knew I needed and wanted to talk to him but really wasn’t sure when I would have the time!!!  You see, I heard the message while enjoying lunch with a STF, Sharon King, who happen to be in California visiting her Mother that lives outside LA. Seeing that San Diego is 2 hours away (on a good day), Sharon drove all the way down just to be able to spend an hour and a half with me and treat me to lunch! Talk about a true friend 🙂 We met at Cafe 976 in Pacific Beach, both ordered something brand new from the menu and marveled at the fact that we were  face to face and breathing the same sigh of relief at the sight of one and other.  You see, Sharon is the childhood best friend of one of my closest friends and very 1st roommate in San Diego, Meghan Dunn. Sharon and I met when she came to visit Meg in 2004. Having gone to UMASS, where my Mom went for her first year, we also discovered an additional mutual friend in SD.  Through the years we have formed our own Pen Pal like friendship, mostly turning to each other for support.

Sharon traveled from Boston to soak up some fun in the sun!

Sadly, our friend, Meg, is very troubled and our concern for her well being is very real. as real as the need to talk and confide with someone that understands the emotional pain. As a result, we have successfully reduced our San Diego to Boston distance to merely a phone call (or facebook message) away. And now, we sat across from each other sharing laughs and a yummy, sunny day!

So… nope, it wasn’t a convenient time to call.

Though I didn’t want to cut my Sharon Time short, I had no choice. I needed my monthly dose of my “mice”… which translates to needing my monthly MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Medication and appointment at Scripps Outpatient Clinic.  To receive my medication means getting Tysabri administered through an IV followed, by and hour just hanging as protocol in case of any adverse reaction (which I’ve had none). I call it my “Mice” because it is made from DNA from a strand of Japanese Mice. Ah yes, this is why my kitty loves me so much and I am so found of cheese 😉
However, truth be told, I always look forward to my monthly, 3 hour visits. First of all, I sit in a lazy boy and am able to focus on only myself.  It’s my quiet time. Sometimes I relax with a new book. Sometimes I watch Oprah. Sometimes I make a new friend sitting in the infusion chair 2 seats down from me (Yup, I have a few of those stories!) But, what really makes me happy when I think about my visit: the nurses.  Every time I go, I have the same AMAZING nurse, Debbie, shooting up my veins with a smile!  For over 2 years she never misses…and I’ve never bruised! Deb is like a second Mom and I don’t know who is more excited each month: me to give her my updates or her to hear what is going on in my world! Every month since losing my job she asks me what is on the horizon. And, every month I am optimistic but… still collecting unemployment.  Being the Mom that she is, she was reluctant to accept the 90 min massage I got her for Christmas this year, but I insisted she take time to care for herself the way she cares for others. I told her it was merely money and one day karma would pay me back.  Now it was happening! Today I walked in with a new message of hope:  a potential job!!!

Seeing that you can now check your email from a plane at 25,ooo feet,  it’s only fitting to also able to log into a wireless network and play on the internet while an IV is administering antibodies to my bloodstream. Fortunately I decided to bring my lap top today and logged in for the fun of it.  And… then I found an email from Gene referencing his voicemail and once again asking me to call hm when it was convenient for me!  WAIT? So far Id been at lunch, then rushing to an appointment… and now this! Was THIS the convenient time to call Gene??? While I have an IV in one arm and the daily sounds of the clinic in the background?  I had planned to call after my appointment but it appeared that was not an option. Yup.  It was time!!!   This was it. I was nervous. I was anxious. I was giddy. I was ready 🙂

So. I called Gene. Then, I chuckled as I explained to him exactly what I was doing while on the phone with him.  He and I are in the early process of getting to know each other… but our relationship has been moving fast. I met on Monday and he was offering me a job on Wednesday! Naturally, he was even more appreciative of my willingness to share with the reality of where I was at the moment.  And,  I felt comfortable sharing it with him. He is the President that flew me to Arkansas 2 days prior in hopes that I would come work for him. I didn’t feel I could go wrong being completely honest with who I was since I was certain he was already impressed with what he knew.  And I was right! Gene then gave me a formal, verbal offer.  There I was, a year after losing my job, hooked up to an Infusion Machine with an ear to ear smile plastered across my face… all while a new chapter in my life was unfolding around me.  I knew my blood pressure was 111/68 before the IV but I was certain it was off the charts now! I was beyond excited!! I SAID YES. Everything about this job was what I had put out into the world over the year.  No Cubicle = check!  Paid what I was worth = check! Pride for the industry = check! And most of all, a company that literally oozed integrity = check, check!!!

My tag line has always been: My job is to help people, that help people, find jobs to help people. I change lives so they can save lives!  And… watch out world. I’M BACK!

The best part: Screaming down the hallway of the Infusion area at Scripps Clinic, ” I GOT A JOB!!!” and having my second family, my nurses, there to congratulate me 🙂

I accepted a job with Travel Nurse across America

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Michelle Cacace for believing in me and my talents and referring me to an absolutely incredible company. From the bottom of my heart I mean it when I say, I wouldn’t be accepting this job without you and your blessing!

The fact that this company pursued me when they did… well, it happened at the perfect time. I am not someone that planned to settle for a job. I had to feel the hunger and be ready to work. I had to be able to be specific about what I wanted. I had to feel I had accomplished for myself all that I needed to knock off my To Do list during my time “off”. And. I had. I was READY. This job presented it self at literally the PERFECT TIME.

I will be working from home… enabling me more time to hang with Ned, my kitty, write my blog AND get paid to be in shorts and a t-shirt in San Diego. Doesn’t get much better than that!!!

Cheers to my next chapter and the time to reflect on all the Strangers to Friends that helped me along the way. My ‘Thank You’ list will  be it’s own story 🙂