The Story of how I met and partnered with Collective Hearts Founder, Lisa Rueff.

Back in June, on a sunny, blue sky Colorado afternoon, I decided to go to a yoga festival in Boulder, by myself. The idea of movement, chanting and positive energy called me to play, even though I didn’t have anyone to play with!. Given my love for strangers, I had a gut feeling I’d meet good people. I mean, how could a Yoga Festival be anything but welcoming!

Upon arrival I glanced around the green field, circled with colorful booths selling everything from recycled material clothing to handmade lavender soaps. But what really grabbed my attention, a jewelry booth draped with every size imaginable heart shaped necklaces! I also noticed “You Are Beautiful” stickers adorning the mirror you use to decide if you’ll treat yourself (or a friend) to a fashionable new find!


A smile crept across my face and I immediately asked, ‘Any chance a gal named Hailey visited your booth? She’s one of my best friends! 7 years after surviving a stroke, she surprises women on a daily basis, handing these stickers to women, as a reminder of their beauty within!”  Lisa squealed, “Yes, I loved her! We talked about hosting a Women’s Gathering & Pop Up Store at her home on Tuesday!”

Wait, it was Saturday. That’s a fast turn around! Would people come? Ah… this is why Hailey serendipitously brought us together. My eyes lit up with love when I told her, “I want to support you and invite my community, Strangers To Friends to join in the connection, too.” And, just like that we, Lisa & I began our friendship and collaborated on an experience! Below is me, Lisa and Hailey, all brought together via hearts. 

With the HOLIDAY LOVE upon us, I’m excited to partner with Collective Hearts as a LOVE AMBASSADOR! Every purchase from my unique link, Strangers To Friends receives 10%. This money will go towards updating the website and growing the community!

As a gift that keeps on giving,
Lisa offered a 15% Discount for Strangers To Friends!
Use the code: Friends at checkout

For the month of November, a portion of all proceeds will benefit the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund. This fund supports immediate and long-term assistance, helping residents recover and rebuild. In addition, every Collective Hearts purchase contributes to the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti. The center is a two-story permanent school and home in Jacmel, Haiti, where 27 children live, learn and thrive. To learn more about the center or make a contribution, visit

This holiday season, gift yourself self love. Show a best friend, your Mom, a colleague, how loved they are! I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear mine. Remember, we vote with our dollars. Wee have a choice who we support. Please consider helping a heart-felt small business. Lisa & I invite you yo be a pert of the ripple effect! (PS: post a photo wearing your necklace on Instragram and tag @strangerstofriends & @collectivehearts to be shared with our followers and friends. 

This Thanksgiving, I’m THANKFUL for you! Thank you for being a part of my Strangers To Friends Journey, with me. Everyone of you is a unique contribution to collective love shared around the world, connecting us all together.

In the meantime, watch this 5 minute, LIVE VIDEO of a Strangers To Friends Moment!
Learn HOW I initiated our conversation and where it lead us.