Work With Carlyn

Everything begins with a first step…
…and I’ll take it with you!  

Imagine stepping into the life of your dreams.

What does that look like?
Are you in a new career? A new relationship? Are you loving your body? Do you live in a new city… or country?
What story of your life are you ready to shift?
What fears are you ready to release? 

Hi, I’m Carlyn, YOUR Stranger To Friend.

I help men and women build self confidence, gain clarity on their goals and take action to bring their dreams to life. The journey of living in alignment is needed to create more connection in life; connection with self and strangers. 

All Connection, Is Connected. 

I ask you to show up, not only for me, but for yourself.
I ask “tough” questions and digest every ounce of your story. I don’t allow judgement or shame but instead allow you to be all of you.
Our work creates life lasting changes in ways you never imagined. You’ll discover a new side of yourself, see the world through new eyes, step through comfort zones, learn to listen to your intuition, shift the stories keeping you stuck —  and most importantly, empower yourself!!!

Do you feel alone in your journey?
Do you have questions but you’re scared to be judged?
Do you crave to feel seen, heard and understood?

If you answered yes, it’s time we talk. 


Personal Accountability 
Lending a helping hand through change so you aren’t alone
New perspectives on your life situations
A real person who cares whether or not you reach your goal
Practicing the Art of Conversation and Face to Face Connection
Getting unstuck and experiencing synchronicity and magic in ways you never imagined!
Shifting your fear into fuel. 

A Conversation with me is RISK FREE! I’d love to learn your story and how I can serve.  


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I’m certain I can help you improve your life. The only question is whether or not you’re willing to make a decision, take action, and become the man or woman you want to be. Im positive that together we can construct a plan that will turn your shoulds into musts, a plan that will encourage you to make significant changes in your life and allow you to hold yourself accountable as you grow. That’s what I did for myself and many others, and I’m certain I can do the same for you. So certain, in fact, that I offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee to all of my monthly clients.




Carlyn has taken her life experiences and channels them to inspire others to live a life filled with possibilities and joy. She is abundantly inspiring, exceptionally intuitive, and very wise.

Susie Sheftel

 Carlyn’s authenticity demands authenticity in return. Thank you for listening and for helping me feel safe to share. Thank you for your great advice to help me focus on how I can make things better. She said, “first we have to identify the internal story before we can shift it”. I’ve know all along that my story, the meaning I give it and the lessons learned from it can make me or break me. Thank you for being a living reminder we have a choice.  

Jeff Hopp, Charlotte, NC

 Carlyn provided an ear and a lifetime of experience in positivity that became a safe and supportive space for me to unload, cry, dream and heal. She suggested a book that is now a large part of my daily habits and transformation. I’ve grateful I had her to lean on when my life felt upside down and plan to continue to use her as a tool in my overall wellness kit. 

Jody Carmichael, Wilmington, NC

Everything Carlyn does, she does with passion. She doesn’t cut corners including when it comes to helping others. 

Amy Miller

San Diego, CA

As someone who’s struggled talking to strangers, Carlyn removes all the fear of being open and sharing. She truly loves people and her positive energy rubs off on everyone she meets.  Thank you Carlyn, for reminding me I don’t need to be afraid. 

Lori Randalls, Houston, TX

Carlyn helped me to harness a new way of thinking, a different perspective and outlook that was easily achieved with just the small shift of word usage that I didn’t even realize had become my inner dialogue. She offered a reliability and understanding that was always judgment free and nurturing, without pushing me, and led me to finding my best self. I really wish more people would realize working with Carlyn is investing in themselves.

Amanda Rey, Denver, CO

Carlyn is a free spirit, a seeker, and a lover of all people. She has a lust for life experiences that lead to new friendships, new perspectives, and sometimes losing teeth, but she still keeps smiling.

Jennifer Fredrick, Raleigh, NC

Carlyn and I met through a mutual friend. She is like a breathe of fresh air and always has a smile on her face, through even the toughest of situations. Her attitude is an inspiration; she seems to find the silver lining in any cloud.

Rachel Klein Denver, CO

Carlyn is a bundle of infection energy and a breath of fresh air all at the same time. She has been a catalyst and helped me find my voice at one of the most challenging times in my life. 

Kathi McCarty, Evergreen, CO

Carlyn’s passion for adventure has inspired me so much! I took a “solo” trip – my very first ever. I thought of her as I never was much to venture out on my travels and see new things by myself. The entire time I kept thinking how very proud she would be of me: I went everywhere all by myself and of course made new friends along the way! Thank you for inspiring me!

Denise Callahan, Austin, TX