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Ready, Set, Smile... WIN!

Whover Smiles First Wins

Create a 
T-Shirt inviting people to smile at each other!

Spread Smiles, Create Connection, Lead with Love, Feel Good, Make Others Feel Good!

It’s time to take happiness into our own hands.

With so much out of our control… YOU CONTROL YOUR SMILE! Smiling at someone acknowledges them. And invites them to smile back! Or, sometimes you don’t see them and they read your shirt… and smile first! Trust me, it’s the best feeling to contribute to creating friendly connection.

Your smile is all you! Turn your frown upside down. I promise, it changes your energy, instantly! It’s time to love ourselves and share a little love with others.  It’s time to celebrate our similarities! Even while wearing a mask, you can see the shine in someone’s eyes.

A smile invites kindness. A smile says: I SEE YOU. A smile says, thank you. It’s time to get back to basics: sharing a smile.