1st BETA Group: A Strangers To Friends Circle with your own, personalized Strangers To Friends Cards

If you’ve met me and heard the story of HOW I began to live “Turning Strangers Into Friends” – you know it all began… with a Connection Card. For me to teach you how to really go into the world and create connections, I need to offer you the tool I used to make it happen. For the first time, I’ve created an opportunity for you to not only have your own cards.. but create your own connection. I’ll share all my tips and tricks, what I’ve learned and provide a safe, fun, private space for you to play and practice connection with each other.

“Statistically” the ‘loneliest’ time of the year is… The Holiday Season. Why? Social Isolation.

I want to offer this initial program right away for two reasons:

1) This is ME taking action. I’ve been talking about doing it. It’s TIME!
2) close 2018 with a bang and kick start your 2019 with more confidence and connection!

My Strangers To Friends Cards were not birthed from a place of loneliness but rather from a place of possibility. However, the more I used them, the more I learned others stories about why they needed their own card, too. Over time and giving myself permission to use them, I realized how powerful my cards were in completely shifting any experience with another person. Not only did I reduce my apprehension or anxiety to connect with a stranger and super charging my social scene, but I offered the same experience to the person I was meeting. THIS is how we really grow.

What is a Beta Group? It means: I’m offering this for the first time, at a reduced rate, and you will offer me feedback – insights and improvement.

The Offer:

6 weeks, starting October 22 — Denver and Boulder ONLY

Lead With You vs What You Do!
Reduce the Anxiety of Approaching!
Create serendipitous Strangers To Friends Stories!
Practice Meeting People on Purpose.

  • 100 Personal Strangers To Friends Cards (this includes your email, phone number and 1 additional social media link to connect)
  • 2 30 min private calls with Carlyn
  • Private FB Group with Wednesday 6:30 PM Weekly Live Calls with Carlyn – this group is also where weekly STF challenges will be posted, stories shared, teaching on connection, etc. If you can’t attend all videos are stored in the group.
  • IN Person Event to receive your cards and meet each other Oct 24th
  • Weekly Connection Buddy In The Group (ensure you all get to know each other)

At the end of the journey, I’ll hope to create a private event for you all to celebrate your journey and come together to practice creating connections with your cards (this will be after Thanksgiving, before Christmas). BUT- you’ll have your cards to use whenever and however you want. IF you want more than initial 100, we can order you more, price will increase as needed.

In order to get your cards ordered and delivered on time, I need to confirm your commitment by Oct 12th. If you attend on the 10th, I’m happy to answer more questions and discuss in more detail!

Invest To Connect:
Limited Space Available

Schedule Your First 30 Min Call with Carlyn to Sign Up, you’ll be prompted to PayPal

I can hardly wait to share this journey with all of you!