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Jennifer, Superior, CO:

“I think back to the timing of things since moving to CO in 2010, when Lucy was born in 2015, to now, and holy wow. What. A. Ride.  And, Carlyn absolutely played a role.  Working with Carlyn for 10 weeks was a wonderful investment! Many people out there might think a Life Coach job is to help you achieve your goals, which of course is one element. But when I look back, at that time, I didn’t even have the confidence to have the goals, to hit! I certainly didn’t have the goal to revive my local college alumni group. Nor did I have a goal to climb Kilimanjaro and raise money for ALS. I didn’t think buying a house was a future goal I could achieve either. But here I am, having set and achieved all three of my big goals for 2018. So, these goals, with plans to achieve them, were not specific outcomes of Carlyn and I’s work together; rather, the work we did together, put me in a goal-setting, dream big kind of mindset. This mindset shift allowed me to start seeing possibilities, rather than hurdles. I know how when I’m able to stay in that mindset long enough, that’s when the magic happens. I absolutely recommend Carlyn to you and my friends!”

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