Life Happens. And, sometimes it’s hard. Who do you turn to when life throws you a curve ball? Perhaps you’re dealing with sadness, frustration, lack of clarity or confusion. Perhaps you are lonely because a relationship ended, a friend moved away, or you’re new to town.

Whatever the cause for the emotion… I promise you, you ARE NOT ALONE.

The work I do allows me to share in the stories of so many people. It’s an honor to support men and women through a shift, whether it be perspective or in action.

Suffering is part of being human, but you shouldn’t go through it alone. In fact, it’s a beautiful way to create connection. The support vs the sympathy. The understanding vs the empathizing.

Because of this awareness, I provide myself to be available for you.

Ready for a non judging listening ear or an outside (positive) perspective? Don’t believe you can shift your story?  I’m up for the challenge! Don’t feel I can relate? I bet you I can. Don’t want to bother a loved one or over extend yourself with a good friend? This is not about feeling sorry. This is not a space to complain. This is a space to talk and share and have open, real conversation about your circumstances.

Sometimes the only problem you have is thinking you have a problem. What if your changed the way you told your story? Or opened yourself up to the idea of a shift in perspective? Or committed to the decision. Or maybe you crave to be seen and heard.
Don’t waste your energy in FEAR of the future; instead channel that energy to get you through the present 

1.5 hours = $120  *location to be determined*


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  1. Renee Withrow
    September 20, 2018

    It seemed so easy in both high school and college to have long-term and truly committed girlfriends. Our focus was boys and that was quite fun!

    Now we have split off in different directions, interests and occupations and I barely see any of them.

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