Strangers To Friends Monthly Experience

Join us for the October Strangers To Friends Experience!

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What brings to you want to meet new people?
Are You…
New To Town?
Want to Shift Up Your Social Scene?
Relationship Status Change?
Job Keep Your From Connecting?
Feeling Healthy & Ready For Community?

Whatever your reason…there is someone else with the same reason too!

FACT: There’s 7.5 Billion People on Earth but it only takes ONE PERSON to Change Your Life!

We never know why we meet someone right away.
BUT, when we take the time to get to know someone, we let go of judgement and fear, step release expectations and really discover the common denominator on why we are meant to meet.

Our Stories Connect Us All.

Carlyn Shaw LOVES facilitating events that create safe and fun space for you to show up and create real connection! Her Passion: Turning Strangers Into Friends & sharing the mission with YOU!

People = Possibilities!

Carlyn is excited to offer an experience based her knowing: everyone has a purpose and we are all connected through our stories. Now it’s time for YOU to experience Strangers To Friends! Life is meant to be FUN, not feared. Step out of your comfort zone and into real connection!

* Tired of Small Talk and Crave Real Conversation?
* Not into Networking and Talking About Work…After Work?
* Self Confidence Hold You Back from New Connection?
* Want To Meet People… Who Also Want To Meet People

If you said yes…DING DING… join us!

This “Non-Networking” style of authentic connecting is fun and guarantees you’ll meet new people. A no judgement allowed zone encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and… turn strangers into friends.

We live in a world more connected than ever but more disconnected than ever. BE OPEN to meeting and discovering! Not only is it fun, but connection…. feels good. And we all deserve to feel good.

5:45-6:30 – Meet Carlyn & Learn about Strangers To Friends
Check-In, Order A Drink, Meet & Mingle
7 PM on… Facilitated Friending, Story Sharing, Connections Created

MORE THE MERRIER! Bring a friend, invite someone new to town, share with a co-worker. We are about creating connection with good peeps.

Invest To Connect: $15


Ticket Includes:
Name Tag (of course!),
Conversation Starters
Facilitated Introductions
Raffle Ticket for Giveaway

You are encouraged to COME SOLO!
Everyone is a first time’r their first time.

Carlyn looks forward to connecting with all of you — so you can connect with each other!

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