Strangers To Friends Monthly Meet Up

* Tired of networking and selling yourself?
* Is the voice in your head keeping you from connection?
* Don’t know where to go to meet men & women without pressure?
* Love good people & good beer?
* And most of all… like to have fun?

If you said yes…DING DING! You belong with us.

Strangers To Friends, a group founded on encouraging authentic connections, is excited to host our December Experience with The Crafty Fox 


Who: “Strangers to Friends” – people you have not met… yet.
What: Authentic -Face to Face – Conversations & Connection
WHY: People = Possibilities 

We live in a world more connected than ever but more disconnected than ever. Let’s turn away from our phones & turn to the people all around us and say HI! We are all worthy of new friends! Be OPEN to meeting and discovering! Not only is it fun, but connection…. feels good. And we all deserve to feel good.

More The Merrier: bring a friend, invite someone who is new to town, share with a co-worker, this is all about creating connection with good peeps.

Experience Entry = extended Happy Hour, Raffle Ticket for great giveaways and awesome Strangers To Friends 🙂

Don’t know how to meet Strangers? Don’t worry… I’m your Friendship Facilitator!

Support Includes:
-Name Tags
– (Fun) Open Ended Conversation Starter Questions

Carlyn Shaw creates a space and gives you permission to show up with nothing but yourself! Let’s play on purpose. I look forward to seeing… and meeting you 🙂

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