About Strangers To Friends

Currently there are 7,500,000,000,000 people living on our planet.
That’s a lot of potential people to meet! 

With so many people why do we have a loneliness epidemic?
Why do people feel more isolated and alone?

Truth: every day, we have a choice: to create opportunities to connect…or not.
Fact:  every day we make small decisions that play a big factor on whether we create connection in our lives. 

We live in a world more connected than ever, yet more disconnected. than ever.

 This is where STRANGERS TO FRIENDS comes in.

We are:

  • a community of people who not only want more authentic connection in life, but take action to make it happen.
  • people of all ages, all demographics, all nationalities, all races, all religions, all sexual orientations.
  • men and women who want to feel safe to share our stories.
  • longing to be accepted for who we really are inside.
  • tired of feeling lost and lonely
  • want to create more community instead of comparing ourselves
  • good people who believe in the greater good.

Strangers To Friends invites the possibility that the person you least expect, could be person you’re meant to meet. We empower you to recognize the more you connect with yourself, the more connection you’ll create with others.  

It’s time to take control of what feels so out of control!
It’s time to uplevel your life! It’s time to say yes to stepping out of your comfort zone!
It’s time to step into… Strangers To Friends.