About Strangers To Friends

Let’s face it.
We live in a world more connected than ever but more disconnected than ever…

It’s time to put down your phone and get back to basics! Choose face to face conversations, compassion vs comparison and leading with YOU rather than, “What Do You Do?”

Why Join Strangers To Friends?

Do you find yourself going out to the same places in the same neighborhood?
Ready to shift your social scene?
Stranger to Friends promises new experiences
to cultivate new communities on a local level.
Strangers To Friends Experiences are not about meeting every single person in the room, but rather the right people, at the right on time. For a specific reason a connection was made. For a specific reason a person crossed your path.

This is where the journey begins!

Don’t know how to talk to strangers?

Don’t worry. Each Strangers To Friends experience offers unique ways to invite in connection and conversation with ease.

Struggle making new connections outside of work or your current social circles?

Strangers to Friends events bring together people from all walks of life to create a pressure free environment to connect.

Do you find yourself at an event where your business card is more important than who you are?

Our events invite conversation with creative questions and structured connection.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a night out knowing you would make new friends?

We get crafty at Strangers to Friends events, whether it’s crafty candle making or crafty beer drinking or crafting authentic conversations.

When was the last time you called a local business a friend?

Not only do we connect you to new people but we pride ourselves on creating community with passion driven new local business.

Connecting with a stranger doesn’t need to involve approaching someone. Sometimes we meet the most meant to be people, being approachable. It can be as simple as being open. And, this part, is up to you.

Strangers To Friends aims to inspire you to embrace the possibility that the person you least expect might be the next person you are meant to meet. Say YES to YOU. Say Yes To Turning Strangers To Friends.